Concept Masters Vol.5


In this tutorial Arno Male will show you how he uses VR sculpting with Oculus Medium to create a base for his 2D concepts. 

The main tutorial with commentary is at 200% speed divided into 8 chapters you will also get a introduction video into Medium where Arno explains the basics of the software, in total there is 4 hours and 49 min of content

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Chapter 0 - Introduction to Medium
Chapter 1 - Sketching
Chapter 2 - VR Sculpting
Chapter 3 - Marmoset Rendering
Chapter 4 - Line Art
Chapter 5 - 3DCoat Modeling
Chapter 6 - Refining Line Art
Chapter 7 - Painting
Chapter 8 - Finishing Words


Software that was used in these tutorials.

- Photoshop cc 2019
- Oculus medium 2.2
- 3d coat 4.8.32

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Arno Male -

Editing & Presentation
Jonas Ronnegard

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