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This is a collection of 5 useful nodes for Substance Designer.Nodes and tutorial authored by Alexey Kudryavtsev

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- 5 Nodes for Substance Designer.

Wetness mask - gradient mask which is based on height and AO. Allows you to dry out a surface with only a height map. 

Multi blend - allows you to blend multiple inputs without creating multiple blend nodes.

Curvature Advanced - masks concave and/or convex areas of curvature map with ability of extending, bluring and warping it.

Direction mask - allows you to select and mask specific direction(s) of your surface, for example flat/top/down/left/right through a normal or height map.

Height level mask - allows you to split two height maps and gives you the ability to adjust the height level of one of them and also creates a mask for both.

- Tutorial.

- Example SBS Files.

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Commercial use of the nodes is allowed but you can`t sell or share them so if you are selling or sharing SBS files that require the nodes please link this product so they can get them from here.

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Single User License - this license is for one person only you can use it on multiple computers but only one person should have access to it. Good for freelance artists, students, hobbyists, or motivated pro artists.

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Team license (Unlimited) - For teams with more then 10 people. (Currently only available at -

Educational license (Unlimited) - Unlimited number of users at one school location, good for student projects and teaching. (Currently only available at -


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- For use in Substance Designer 2018.1.1 or Higher.


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