Concept Masters Vol.3


In this tutorial Chris Madden will show how he uses his photobashing techniques to create stunning concept art in a very efficient and short amount of time.

This tutorial is useful for anyone looking to use photo elements to help speed up their concept process.

The main tutorial with commentary is running at normal real time speed and is 2 hours and 50 minutes long.

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Main Tutorial

Concept Masters Vol.3 (2h 50m)

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Software that was used in these tutorials.

- Photoshop cc

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Please buy one license per viewer or user, or buy a educational/company license for unlimited viewers in one company/school or event location. Good for schools to use as extra learning material for it's students, company workshops or public viewings.

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- Pay $6 or what you think it`s worth.
- Sound quality might be less than perfect in some places.
- Please note that this is not a step by step tutorial.



Chris Madden

Editing & Presentation

Jonas Ronnegard

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