Japanese Ornament Alphas

JP.Ornament Alphas
Artstation DL - https://jrotools.co/a-ja1
Gumroad DL - https://gum.co/BVtlh
JP.Ornament Collection
Arstation DL - https://jrotools.co/a-jac
Gumdroad DL - https://gum.co/VUkZ
Masking Tutorial - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1nnaQ3

Up until December I'm releasing 3 japanese themed sets, alphas, trim brushes and tiles. As I don't have time for presentation for each product I'm releasing an early access collection product which I will update every Tuesday with new content until december, to read more about it click the collection links above.

Ornament Texturing Time-lapse

Substance Painter Masking Tutorial