Substance Masters - Vol 3

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Substance Material set with 4 advanced materials and recorded creation video.

- SBS source Materials with detailed comments.
- 27 hours of voice commented creation video.
- 30 hours of total creation video.
- Tiff,PNG,TGA Textures.
- Marmoset toolbag presentation preview files.
- SBSAR material files for use in Substance painter/player.

Clark Coots.
Max Golosiy.
Vinicius Ribeiro.
Ilan Shoshan.

Art Direction & Presentation:
Jonas Ronnegard.

If you want to be included in future volumes or you know someone that you want to see included, send me a message here on Artstation (Paid work)

Substance Masters Vol.3

Jonas ronnegard artstation01 02
Jonas ronnegard scifihull 01
Jonas ronnegard scifihull 02
Jonas ronnegard scifi ball
Jonas ronnegard scales 01
Jonas ronnegard scales 02
Jonas ronnegard scale ball01
Jonas ronnegard stylizedrocks 01 03
Jonas ronnegard stylizedrocks 02
Jonas ronnegard sphere02
Jonas ronnegard animalfur 01
Jonas ronnegard animalfur 02
Jonas ronnegard fur ball01

Substance Masters - Scifi Hull time-lapse

Substance Masters - Scales time-lapse

Substance Masters - Fur Time-Lapse

Substance Masters - StylizedRocks time-lapse